Established 15 years ago, located in the port city of Ningbo, SUNDYTEC provides mounting solution products for office solution and home TV mounting solution, full range including, Monitor arm,Sit Stand desk,TV trolley, TV wall mounts and AV accesory.
SUNDYTEC put all resource into manufacture and focus on providing the OEM/ODM market with the most innovative solutions with the stable quality at the lowest prices. Each client have our loyalty and our attention alone. 
Our customers have placed their trust in us to provide them with quality, competitively priced, innovative mounting products and accessories. The trust placed in us by our tooling technology, full line of automatical production process, fast delivery and stock ability. 
15 days tooling, 15 days production and 15 days ready for delivery is our insists to ourselves.
Less trouble, less worries and less invest is our promise to client.
If you need a long time partner, if you need a trusted partner,if you need a developing partner, please contact with us.